A Healthy Exterior Starts Within

A Healthy Exterior Starts Within


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Vanessa’s signature treatment style has taken Edmonton by storm for one reason: Her ability to uncover and disrupt the root cause of the most difficult and unexplainable conditions.

Her precision and efficiency is what brings her clients the awareness and freedom from their symptoms in a way no one else has been able to provide.

Most people are unaware of how well the body is designed to feel when operating properly. Sometimes we are not able to see the whole picture. Vanessa is a catalyst for helping you see the whole picture and heal your deepest tragedies and symptoms permanently.

Hi Vanessa,

I wanted to take the time to send you an update from the session we had back in February.

My session came at a time when I could not see the end.. I was struggling with money, I was working over 40 hours a week in a job that I was good at but was no longer bringing me fire. I was incapable of getting out of always feeling broken. I had lost passion for my sport, my boyfriend, my life.

I reached out thinking, there is no way she will have room in her schedule, but things lined up, you had a cancellation and from what I remember you were able to see me the next day.. coincidence.. we'll never know..

I walked in and I can't even remember what I said to you, I am always hypnotize when I am around you and it's like the words that come out of my mouth become bullshit free, I can't lie to you, I can't pretend it's all good, the hurt speaks out when you are there.. even sometimes creating a bit of oversharing anxiety.

The session changed my life, we are now June 2020.. The world has gone in a dirrection of pure change but somehow I was able to receive everything at ease.. I got given the gift of time so I could create, I could finally put on papers the millions of ideas in my head. Good or bad, they were ideas that needed to come out, I received a $3500 cheque in the mail from something that I was unsure I would even be elligeable to get, I got paid $600 for a photoshoot and got asked to be part of projects over projects. I got asked to come talk about what I do on a podcast, I turned my whole business virtually and I have more clients now than I had when I had a physical business, I have money in my savings for the first time in my life, in my mid 30's, I am asking for what I am worth and I am receiving the love that my boyfriend and family have been trying to give me for years.

This is only the big examples, on every day basis I am now receiving compliments, believing that I am beautiful and strong.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, I thank you for your work but also for the person you are and how you lead us, witches, by example.


I’ve been seeing Vanessa for nearly 4 years now, initially for a car accident injury and have continued for regular maintenance since. First of all, Vanessa is the kindest, most genuine, intuitive and caring person. The energy she radiates makes you feel safe,  welcome and heard. She listens but also will tell you what’s what.

 She introduced SIT to me when I developed this unexplainable  tight sharp pain in my lower left ribs/spine. Over time it also had travelled up into my back and down into my lower back which caused some pain and issues as well. Initially I was convinced  it was work related. I tried EVERYTHING from chiropractic, massage, dry needling, acupuncture, physio therapy. You name it! It wasn’t until she combined acupuncture and SIT that I really got results! This pain would literally leave me immobile and unable to breath deeply, it was so sharp. The session itself felt like a regular acupuncture session, for me at least. I felt like I was in a deep state of relaxation, my mind was calm not thinking about anything really and I felt in a daze while saying statements. After the session, I felt lighter, especially in the lower rib area and I WAS PAIN FREE and was able to take a deep breath with no restriction!! After ONE SESSION, the pain had vanished 90%! 

 After this one session it gradually hit me... I have held onto certain things that have happened to me and that those stressors manifest physically over time. I realized that it can be little things you don’t spend much time thinking about either, yet it affects you in some way over time! It was then that I decided I needed to know more about how this whole modality worked. Took me a little while but I eventually signed for the SIT course and I am so glad I did! SIT has been the missing piece for me not only personally but for my business as well. I feel everyone needs a little ... or a lot of SIT in their lives!!